Free £10 With Betfair Live Casino use Promo Code CASTV0

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For the month of November, Betfair are offering new casino players a chance to play live roulette with 10 free spins. These spins are worth £1 each so the offer is worth £10.

Use the promo code CASTV0 to get the £10. Click here to claim

Here is the TV ad that accompanies the promotion.


Live roulette is sometimes preferred to computer generated roulette numbers. Many players prefer the fact its much hard to rig a live roulette wheel. Even though it is probably harder to fix computer roulette, many people prefer to see the wheel and ball spinning.

Live online casino Roulette with small minimum bets

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Online casinos are increasingly offering a live option. The 3 mains games they offer are live blackjack, live roulette and live Baccarat. As they games rely on a live dealer that must be paid a wage, the stakes are generally higher than at the RNG tables.

Roulette limits typically start at £1 on the inside and £5 on the outside. Blackjack is about £5 a hand and Baccarat £1. These are fairly standard limits and the economics of running a live casino make it so that you can’t have any smaller stakes.

There is one exception though. VC Casino have a small stakes live auto roulette table. Its not live in the sense that there is a croupier but the table is real and powered by compressed air. The wheel spins every 45 seconds automatically. Its a great way to play live casino roulette for small stakes. Play from just 10p on the outside all the way up to £500. If you have a roulette system and don’t trust random number generators then its a great place to play.

The real life croupier roulette tables do start at £1 though and £2 for the French Roulette table. If you are playing roulette, make sure you play French Roulette over European Roulette, the former has a rule where you get half your money back if the ball lands on zero, even money bets only. If you are betting on even money bets then this effectively halves the house edge.

Live roulette from 10p

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If you are a high roller, then VC casino have high stakes live blackjack and roulette with both offering £5000 a bet. Get a massive £175 sign up bonus then up to £3000 a week loyalty bonus. Many casinos just offer players something to sign up for then offer the loyal players nothing. At VC casino, they look after all their players with random cash awards every week you play. Check out VC Casino here.

Live European Roulette in Euros from a Real casino Online

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Dublin bet was one of the first online casinos to offer live roulette. Today, many places offer the game. Still, Dublin bet leads though. Most other casinos have croupiers in studios that spin the ball at certain times of the day. Some run 24 hours a day.

With Dublin bet, the wheel is actually in a real life casino, The casino is located in Europe in Dublin Ireland at the famous Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club. With a real life roulette wheel at a real casino, you can 100% sure the games are fair. Online random number generator roulette tables are fair but for the extra paranoid, live roulette offers a game that cannot be rigged by the casino.

The live game users java so no need to download anything. Play live roulette in your browser.

They offer a low table limit of 50 cents (euro currency) per spin on the inside but the minimum on the outside is 10 euros.

On the high stakes table you can have up to 375 euros on an even money bet with the minimum being 20 euros.

Sign up here and get 100 euro bonus on your first deposit of 100 euro. There is also a free play option where you play for fun and get used to the live roulette game.

Online Live Casino

How to Boost Your Bankroll with Online Roulette

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Even though roulette is not know for building the biggest bankrolls, an increase in profits can happen quick when players do win big. Since getting all chips on 21 does not happen frequently, roulette players should consider a backup gambling method for building their bankroll, especially when playing online.

Online Roulette Bonuses

If you want to boost your bankroll, it will take some skill and smarts on your part. One smart strategy is to use online bonuses. Most online casinos offer bonuses in order to attract new players. Among the highest bonuses are called sign-up bonuses that people receive when they register as a new player.

If you get lucky, you can find sign-up bonuses that match the initial deposit at 100 percent. This means that when a player clears the bonus minimum, the website will match the player’s complete deposit. This bankroll building method is arguably the best.

Choosing Roulette Games Selectively

Another great way to increase your roulette profits is to choose your roulette games selectively. Even though most roulette games appear to be the same, keep in mind the American roulette version not only has a zero like its European counterpart, but also has a double zero, which is something the European wheel lacks. The double zero gives the house double the edge so it is always advisable to stick to the European game.

Even Money Bets

One more tip to remember is that some casinos have special rules that lean towards even money bets placed on European wheels. In roulette games that have “la partage” or “en prison” rules, a ball that falls on zero will mean that the casino will get half of a player’s bet. However, on the following spin, the player can either double or nothing or get the other half returned, which improves their bankroll and lowers the house’s advantage.

Joseph Jagger – A Roulette-Playing Legend

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Joseph Jagger was a famous roulette player who was born in 1830 and was a native of Yorkshire, England. But before he found his way to the casinos, Jagger was a cotton factory engineer. Because of his mathematical background, Jagger believed there to be a few roulette wheels that were not totally random, resulting in a greater frequency of some number appearances.

Monte Carlo’s Beaux-Arts Casino

Jagger decided to hire six people to scrutinize the six roulette wheels of Monte Carlo’s Beaux-Arts Casino. From the notes recorded by these people, Jagger discovered that one of the casino’s wheels leaned toward nine particular numbers.

The First Three Days

Armed with his newly-found knowledge of these numbers’ appearances, Jagger decided to exploit the tendencies of this particularly flawed wheel. In his first three days of playing, he won $120,000, which is equivalent to today’s $6 million.

The Fourth Day

On day four, Jagger came to the casino unaware that the casino had switched out their roulette wheels in order to thwart the player who was costing them tons of money. Because of this switch, Jagger was losing money until he noticed he was not playing on the biased roulette wheel. Once he found that wheel, Jagger went on a 2-day roulette playing spree.

The Last Two Days

Now that the casino was losing even more money, they decided to take their defensive attempts one step further. Instead of changing the location of their roulette wheels, the Beaux-Arts decided to relocate the metal dividers sitting between the wheel’s numbers in order to make the wheel biased to an entirely different group of numbers. After two days of playing, Jagger finally caught on and decided to get out of the casino while “the getting was good.” Even though he lost money on his final two days, Jagger still came out ahead with today’s equivalent of $3 million.